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Face to face with another consciousness

What: Sclerotia Atlantis/ Philosopher's Stones
Where: My home
How: Eaten raw- nutty and delicious with slight bitter after-taste
Who: Me on my own
When: 10th Aug 2013

8:15 pm
Having tried a light dose (7.5 fresh grams) of Sclerotia Atlantis (philosophers stones) on the 6th of August I felt secure in taking a higher dose of 11.5 grams fresh truffles.

I recalled from the previous session that it took about 20 minutes to begin feeling the effects and was anticipating a similar scenario this time. However it took a lot longer, perhaps one hour for the effects to begin to be noticeable. I was beginning to think that my left brain was going to shut out the effects when I began to feel tired.

I remembered this feeling from the earlier episode and was concerned that I’d just go to sleep. There was very little open eye visual alteration, some slight greater appreciation of colour. This was actually less so than the lower dose, and like that previous trip, closed eye visuals seemed ‘out of reach’; they were there, but far from vivid.

I gradually became aware of (what I rationalized at the time) to be a battle between my left brain, and the effects of the sclerotia; a kind of ebb and flow between a dream-like state with faint visuals, and the chatter of my mind. Looking back it was better described as a blending of two vehicles for consciousness.

I became a little despondent, figuring the fortifications of my over-developed and habitual left brain thinking were doing their best to disrupt and prevent a deeper experience.

Suddenly I had the ‘awareness’ that if there was a ‘battle’ going on, it must be between two distinct conscious entities, and that the entity trying to break through my conditioning was benevolent and there as a teacher.

About this time I also made an affirmation; I had chosen to ingest the mushroom; I had done it with the intent of experiencing what it had to offer; I then deliberately invited that consciousness into my vehicle (body) as one would a passenger into a car.

I became very aware of my physical form as a vehicle for my consciousness, and the ingestion of the sclerotia was allowing entry of another into this vehicle. I still thought (with my conscious mind) that my ego had shut out the visitor; I was wrong.

All of a sudden I found myself face to face with another consciousness; the consciousness that was using the sclerotia as a vehicle. Simultaneously that allowed me to experience myself as consciousness, freed from the pall of my mind. My mind was still there, but it was a crystal clear shimmering bi-layer (like a floating heat haze) that was a tool for myself/ consciousness (appearing in its pure form as a beam of pure white light on an azure blue background).

I began to use my clear mind to communicate with the other consciousness I was in the presence of. I asked it what it was; it replied it was ‘a consciousness of the earth’. Visually it appeared to me in a vaguely insect-like form; something like the head of a grasshopper without the eyes, butterscotch in color.
I had a sense that my consciousness was not of this earth, but projected onto it from another location. I saw the earth as a globe, surfaced with life, that appeared as purple, green and blue; soft and somewhat squishy/ furry.

I realized that my ‘squishy’ human form was the vehicle created by my consciousness in order to roam this planet and one of my (and other incarnate beings) was to make and maintain contact with the various consciousnesses of this planet. I understood the necessity to inhabit a water-based, porous body that permitted the diffusion of other consciousnesses across its boundaries. I saw the beam of my consciousness (white light) projecting down to the surface of the Earth from off the planet and thought, "Perhaps we are the gods that we see described in the ancient texts; full of wisdom and from another place?"

I felt like an explorer or envoy from another place in the universe. I wondered then how and why humanity was behaving in its current fashion, and briefly saw the body of much of humanity and its destructive culture as a tick-like mass hovering just above the surface of the planet. I began to ask about this, but was clearly told’ do not focus or worry about that now; we can deal with that subject later’. I was reminded that this was my first contact with an ‘alien’ consciousness (although I am the alien relative to the planet); that although I was pure consciousness, the minds of humans, including my own had become thickly shrouded; that the ego had been permitted to take control and had created ‘culture’ to try and perpetuate itself.
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It was explained that ego is terrified because it knows it is temporally bound and so uses culture and indoctrination to maintain itself; this is why fear is so manifest in our culture. I experienced my mind as clarified, a perfect tool that I was using to interface and communicate with this other consciousness.

I began to come out of this place quite quickly, I could feel the effects waning and began to experience my own body again. Sitting up I felt a little disorientated and shaky, but not too bad. There were no open-eye visual effects and I checked the clock and saw it was 10:50.

The whole deep experience probably lasted no more that 15 minutes?

I went over the experiences and realisations in my mind a few times, then went to talk to my wife and explain what had happened. We talked for about an hour and then decided to go outside to see the Perseid meter shower. It was a crystal clear night, a real rarity for this part of the world, and the milky way with its dark mid section was so clearly visible. Gazing up we saw a few meteors and I was filled with a sense of home-sickness and amazement that here I was again in my body, with my clouded mind on the surface of the earth. I realized the stupidity of mankind trying to explore other planets/ stars by transporting his squishy physical form in metal boxes; far better to project consciousness into a vehicle evolved for the conditions.

I felt that we have to clear this earth-bound mind; as T McKenna said, "Culture is not your friend".

The rest of the night I slept fitfully as my body metabolized the physical remains of the sclerotia, but woke early the next day feeling good and with anticipation of my next journey and meeting again with the consciousness using the sclerotia as its vehicle.

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