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My Trip Report – Atlantis Truffles

I’m home alone this week, so I decided to do some truffles. I chose these ones because they are strong and looked like good value for money, which they were. :D This was the second time I’d ever had truffles, and the fourth time doing any kind of shroom. I bought 30g of the Atlantis Truffles.

I took the first 15g at about 5:30pm, and I ate them with some white chocolate. They didn’t taste that great on their own, but I couldn’t taste them at all with the yummy chocolate. I would have smoked some weed with it, but my guy is away at the moment.
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I could feel them starting to hit me pretty quickly, after about half an hour. After half an hour I felt a little buzzed, and could slightly start to see the patterns on my walls and wardrobe moving. I then watched TV for half an hour to wait for the effects to kick in more, which they did, and then ate the other 15g.

By about 7pm I was feeling the effects of the magic truffles pretty strongly. I was in a great mood, very relaxed, and I just sat there for a while on my bed and listened to music, amazed by how incredible it sounded. I felt so comfortable too: everything felt so soft! I remember that I kept stroking my legs and my hair, as well as the duvet. After a while I got up and went to the window, opened it, and stayed there for a while as the cool breeze felt so nice on my skin. I also remember feeling very light, which was nice, and when I breathed it felt a lot more clear and natural than usual. I then put on some pyjama trousers, and was equally amazed at how incredible it felt putting them on! (When I’m high I like to feel things, if you hadn’t already guessed!)

I then went downstairs, and tried to watch an HD video on Youtube about satellite images of Earth, but I just fell in love with the 20 minute video’s music, and I wanted it to be the soundtrack for that night, so I played the video three times just to hear the music! I also noticed that I had started talking to myself A LOT. I’m pretty sure I was pretending someone else was there and having a full blown conversation with them! That was a lot of fun. :D

Soon after that, I had a HUGE trip, where I just lay down on the sofa and started staring out of the window at the house opposite mine. This is when I started having some major visuals. I looked at the satellite dish on the house, and it turned into a tiny little octopus wearing a hat, waving at me, and sitting in a boat! The bricks turned into like a red sea, which had waves and everything. It was so cool. Then I looked at the rest of the house, and the entire house turned into a wolf staring at me, and the house next to it turned into a fox! I’m certain that I was lying on the sofa for about 20-30 minutes, but I’m not sure. Time always seems to go so slowly when you’ve eaten some of these bad boys. :) Then I tried to do some drawing, but I just ended up drawing circles and spirals all over the page. I also sang a lot that night. At the time, I thought that I was singing better than usual, but to be fair I was on drugs!

So, yeah. I was VERY high. I felt very euphoric for a while. However, I would not recommend taking truffles or any other kind of mushroom on your own, as things did start to go a bit wrong. I started feeling lonely, seeing as I was alone in the house, and even the city, as all of my friends had gone home for the summer, and also, I got an epiphany at the same time, so obviously the two feelings clashed. I suddenly got really upset, and couldn’t calm down for about half an hour. So I called up my best friends, who are really experienced with stuff like this and I knew would help and calm me down. That definitely helped, and we were on the phone for a little while, then we chatted on Facebook for a few hours. Chatting with them really chilled me out again, and even help me understand and cope with my epiphany. :D

Overall, I had a great time on the Atlantis Truffles, and I am definitely doing them again. For the first ¾ hours they really put me in a great mood and I had a lot of fun on them. However, I’m not doing them on my own again, as if I have another epiphany (which I usually do on magic mushrooms or truffles), or get any negative feelings when I’m with friends, they’ll be there to help me out. I’m just going to stick with green or salvia when I’m alone. :D I definitely recommend these truffles though. They are very powerful and fantastic value for money. Thanks, Avalon!

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