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A couple days ago I opened my mailbox to find a little white box nestled inside, it is the package I had been anticipating. Without seeming too giddy, I calmly took the box out. And so it is, 30 grams of atlantis truffles . I ran into my house and opened the box to find two vacuum sealed Baggies of fresh magic truffles containing 15 grams each, I cut opened one 15 g package, and enjoying the taste of mushrooms ate the entire contents. I sat down and began to watch television. After about 40mins I felt initial effects of the truffles. I began to feel a pleasing warmth flow through my Body. After one hour I was feeling the full effects and seeing things in a new perspective. I could compare such an experience to seeing the world for the first time. It was already dark outside but a beautiful, breezy night sky. Being by myself,I went to my front yard and sat on the grass, staring skyward, through my new eyes the clouds seemed to be breathing, my attention to every detail seemed to increase. A complete different experience. I could see the winged insects buzzing through the night sky, trees swaying in a gentle rhythm; all welcoming me to this new world most fail to see.

I just happened to also have a joint of bubba kush, I lit up and took a slow drag, exhaled. The smoke spiraled toward the clouds like a small reverse tornado. Then everything I surveyed began
To exhume an almost purple-ish glow. What a lovely feeling, that is the best way to describe it. My trip lasted around four to five hours and was just great. I recommend anyone reading this who has yet to experience these little gifts to humankind do so asap, I know you will have a great ride and Avalon Magic Plants is a great place to share your experiences.

Have a fun trip and thanks again for sharing my trip story!!!

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