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Travelling at light speed

Empty stomach, 25g Atlantis truffles. In a meditation before hand I asked for a better link with the divine, inspiration and healing.

30 minutes after ingesting waves of intense energy start to pulse through my body, up and down my arms almost at the same time. The sensations describable as pure love and euphoria. Walls start to breathe and colours begin to move. The waves intensify until the walls of my reality dissolve - time, distance and physics no longer meet expectations to what I know in my everyday consciousness. My mind beings to expand beyond our tiny view of reality, my awareness shifting from my eye sight to the inner parts of my mind / third eye. The ceiling light only just visible as the walls disappear behind geometric shapes .
example of atlantis truffles
The ceiling light expands into a bold sphere of different whites with an array of colours within. Somehow I am able to distinguish the colours even though they overlap each other, as if transparent but fail to dilute or blend into other colours. The lights begins to vibrate and I can see it is made up of millions of atoms and are aware of the gaps between them. I move into the light with a slow falling sensation yet I get the impression I am travelling very fast. Distance seems to be 'light years' yet so close I can almost reach things. The gaps between the atoms constantly increases until they appear to be in groups and patterns with sparring colours. Then I realize I am looking at millions of galaxies and star systems. I still feel I am travelling at immense speeds yet it feels subtle. The stars and gas clouds pass by and some feel familiar to me, as if I know them or have been here before. Soon I realize I am descending upon earth as I pass Saturn and Jupiter. There are many masses of ice glacier's, strange looking lights, intelligent energy and space craft around the planets and satellites - all of which seem busy working away? I enter earth's atmosphere and become rain, dividing into a thousand pieces of pristine water, cleansed, holy..... pure. Through the clouds appears a breath taking sight of the oceans and continents with the detail increasing ever more as I descend. I see the birds in the sky with lines of energy connecting them, the trees with what I can only describe as aura's and 'life'. From all of the rain my focus is brought to one single droplet and I land on the back of a duck swimming in a pond. I feel it's life energy. It's soul. As I, the single droplet of rain, start to slide off the oily texture of its feather, my consciousness moves into the feather. I see the fine hair like fibres, becoming smaller and smaller to see the cells, the molecules then strange structures and then vast distances of just matter and then finally atoms ..... becoming smaller again until I see just the one atom. It vibrates back n forth and appears to be made up of even more atoms. "It's energy" I am told. The voice does not reply to any of my questions. I move towards this 'single' atom realise I am looking at the moon..... the stars in the background become clearer and distance once again becomes more obvious.

I turn to look at earth and the colours are so beautiful. It feels as though I can reach out and touch it. buy fresh atlantis truffles

Although I am aware I had lost all sensation / awareness of my body I reached out and could see a type of energy that represented my arms - my hands 10 times the size of the planet. Overwhelmed with emotion I felt connected with everything around me - the stars, the moon, the planet (what I felt was my CURRENT home) and everyone on the planet - including the plants and animals. I pull the planet into an opening within my heart and for a moment I am aware I have tears streaming down my face. But not because I could feel them - my body was on the earth, in a room in an altered state and I - my mind, was expanded and out with the planet. I was in two different places at the same time, separated from my physical self and to everyone else, yet connected on this expanded consciousness. I felt that the disconnection felt by my physical self and dare I say all of us who dwell on earth, is nothing but an illusion experienced or created by our limited capacities in everyday though. But on this level, I was more aware. Then a presence came, spoke to me by thought and made me aware that what I experienced, although mind blowing, was just the tip of the ice berg.

I conversed with this being asking questions specific to my life and journey. I was shown places and events in the past, present and possible future's - which result from my thoughts and actions. The scenes were like dreams, not with exact detail but I knew what they were - like a memory in your mind - you don't see the colour or the smells but you just know. It was difficult to converse in this manner and my friend said that they are not physical, they do not have a voice and communicate by thought, far faster than our physical bodies can comprehend. I felt like a tiny part of this vast world which was almost like static but a thought instantly changed this to an image, scene or possibility.

Every now and then I was aware of having two minds, literally like having a second brain with independent thought but it was busy downloading information - as though I it was hooked up to the internet. It came across like an opening in my mind (but I didn't have a head) and data was pouring in. It was being filtered, edited or manipulated, translated or something before entering my mind via some kind of energy machine. It was like an old intricate watch except the clockwork pieces were geometric shapes of energy moving in all kinds of directions - one of them was like the VW car logo, a few felt Masonic - and I am not even sure how I knew that.

This was one of 3 major trips, 1 which I will share soon, the other is too personal. The smaller trips were similar to some stories already on here so I won't waste anybodies time repeating them.

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