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It was so so soooo visual and DEEP

Ok... this is going to be one crazy story that is going to sound so unbelievable that I won't be surprised if you don't believe it... but then again, they always say truth is stranger than fiction!! So now I will begin to tell you of my latest travels and millenium experience with Atlantis Truffles.

I received my magic truffles on Tuesday afternoon at 1pm ET USA and immediately opened the bag and crammed them all in my mouth, chewed and swallowed. Then just a couple swallows of water to wash the remains down. Within 10 minutes I started to feel this feeling like a psychedelic boa constrictor was gripping and wrapping itself around my insides and mind, only gripping tighter and tighter as time progressed. So I was like "Holy Fuck! I've never felt like this before!!" I immediately slithered into my living room to my couch, laid down and put on the documentary 3 Magic Words (total mind fuck of amazingness)..
I was wearing a ski cap, so i closed my eyes and pulled it down over my face and thats when shit went crazy.

The moment the darkness set in is the same time I was greeted by a resilient neonesque, 8 armed, metallic shiny green Truffle Goddess of Reality (no shit!)! Her arms wrapped around me and now I knew I was in the grips of something that is and was going to be magical. AND IT WAS!! I was flown around by this mystical being throughout numerous dimensions and vividly colored cities, creatures I cant even put words to, floating colored orbs and the environment was like looking through a constantly color changing kaleidoscope.. this went on for over an hour.. I could feel tears streaming down my face and was overwhelmed with comfort and a sudden warmth.. I was taught about consciousness, humanity, love, who I am, eternal kindness and that psychedelics are a spiritual sacrament that are not to be used for the wrong purpose but to attain greater levels of consciousness, love and spirituality... I was also informed that I could be punished beyond anything I could comprehend should i chose to take with the wrong intentions.

Suddenly I was brought back down to this reality, pulled my hat off and everything was breathing, dripping, trailing and intensely vivid as the sunlight was streaming thru my windows. So back to the movie 3 Magic Words. I restarted that amazing visual piece of mind blowing, Psychedelic insanity and had my nut cracked even more.. it was so so soooo visual and DEEP!! That is a MUST SEE while enjoying the Atlantis Truffles. All I can say is God Speed My Friends and enjoy the journey!!

The Spiritual Traveler

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