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After discovering the powers of psychedelics a few months ago through forums and the insanely brilliant film 'Enter the Void' my friends and I decided to finally go ahead and experience some magic truffles.
We ordered 30g of atlantis truffles and they arrived 5 days later (awesome shipping time, cheers guys!) in a nicely packed package, vacuum sealed.
We had to wait two days to eat them and I couldn't refrigerate them like told to, for security reasons so I was worried they might lose their potency but it really didn't make a difference to us seeing as it was our first time. The three of us split the 30g into 10g each and went to a friend's house where there were a few other friends (just smoking) who offered to watch over us just in case.

We ate them quite quickly out of our hands - the taste was really not too bad, but yet again wasn't great - it tasted a bit like walnuts, but the texture was quite soft. We all had a sour taste that stuck to the side of our mouth for at least 20 minutes after which was a bit annoying, but we didn't care really.

It took only around 30 minutes for it to kick in, and unfortunately we hadn't reached our friends house at that point, and were surrounded by a lot of people we knew (who didn't know we had them). My friend 'Doe' and I were hit by it first, we both looked at each other at the exact same time and described a sensation going up our legs and through our body and an instant fit of laughter occurred. We told this to the 3rd tripper, 'Spider', who said he wasn't feeling it yet and we could tell he was a bit annoyed in general.
At this point we were about 10 minutes away from the house and the sensation was getting more and more intense as we walked. We went down a lane we often walk through to get to work and noticed very vibrant colors (almost neon like with pink and orange tints) and the lane became very wide and long. Me and Doe described our feelings to each other and it was like we were witnessing the exact same things (meanwhile Spider was still in an increasingly bad mood).
We continued to laugh and talk about what we were seeing as we got closer to the house which we eventually arrived at (felt like a long walk, but only around 7 minutes).
At this point Spider told us he wasn't having a good time and felt paranoid and depressed and was having bad 'flashback' type occurrences.

As much as we wanted to be there for Spider, myself and Doe didn't want to fall into any way sort've 'bad trip' or have any negative feelings so we did our best to continue enjoying it between us and talking about what was happening.
A guy there was being DJ and played some music which at the time sounded like the most life changing music ever haha. I am a filmmaker so I tried using the music to visualise some stories that I could try writing, for quite a good while. Every now and again the non truffles would interrupt and try make our trip intense by freaking us out and doing weird things (which really annoyed me as I wanted to make good use of the experience).
Doe and I described how the patterns on the bed were swirling and moving and all objects were 'breathing'. I stood up and looked down to notice the black carpet was treadmill like and made me anxious as it seemed like it was collapsing under itself. I sat back down and looked at my friend (a massive bodybuilder) who looked like an absolute giant, it was like he was a giant walking through a city. He was making us all laugh uncontrollably and I noticed my stomach and ribs getting sore from bending over and laughing.information about magic truffles

Soon enough, I was left alone with Doe and another person in the room as the rest went outside to smoke some weed. We lay down on the bed and laughed together for quite some time and didn't even talk, just laughed and felt amazed at every single thing that was happening. For the entire night the room was yellow and everyone there had a yellow skin tone which I thought was hilarious and compared everyone to Simpsons characters.

One big event of the night was when I needed to go to the toilet. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get over having to leave the room and walk down the corridor to the toilet, because there was a family sharing the apartment who had no idea we were tripping. I was scared titless, but yet we all laughed at this and I eventually managed to make it for a slash - where I also looked in the mirror at my face, and it looked like my skin was moving in small circles around each other and I looked very pale.
After about 5 hours of intense, overwhelming tripping (for us, being first timers) we noticed it all coming down and back to reality. The feeling was weird seeing everything becoming normal, but it happened very subtly and there was almost a sense of euphoria as it slowly came down. Doe and I were very content with the trip, but later talked to Spider who told us all about why he had a bad time (recurring flashbacks and paranoia). We felt very lucky we didn't experience his trip! :)
We've ordered another 30g, but Hollandia truffles this time, and will do them in a week most likely and try use it differently and relax more to take in feelings and not get overwhelmed.

Thank you again Avalon, it was a truly brilliant experience and without you it wouldn't have happened. Your site is very straightforward and user friendly so thanks muchly!

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