This Trip story is for the "30 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles". There were three of us taking them, myself B, N and L. We also had another friend with us who wanted to watch the trip, A. We split the 30 grams 3 ways (10g each). We ate the truffles in a local shopping center on the way to A’s house. While eating the truffles we all noticed a weird after taste that stayed in our mouths, it was an almost sour taste. The taste wasn't disgusting or off putting it was just a bit annoying. I was quoted with the phrase "In all fairness I'd eat magic dog shit if it made me trip out". Straight away after consuming the truffles we began walking through town. After about 30mins I began feeling a
Empty stomach, 25g Atlantis truffles. In a meditation before hand I asked for a better link with the divine, inspiration and healing. 30 minutes after ingesting waves of intense energy start to pulse through my body, up and down my arms almost at the same time. The sensations describable as pure love and euphoria. Walls start to breathe and colours begin to move. The waves intensify until the walls of my reality dissolve - time, distance and physics no longer meet expectations to what I know in my everyday consciousness. My mind beings to expand beyond our tiny view of reality, my awareness shifting from my eye sight to the inner parts of my mind / third eye. The ceiling light only just
Tak wiec w dzien , w ktorym postanowilismy oddac sie truflom- skonsumowac magiczne orzeszki, przygotowalismy nasze zoladki poprzez lekka calodzienna diete :). Oczywiscie zero miesa i sera a calkowicie 4 godziny przed zazyciem nie spozywalismy nic . Tak oczyszczeni, wieczorem, po wczesniejszej medytacji, skosztowalismy TRUFLII.Mniam mniam, w skrocie powiedziane. przepyszne w smaku.Musze zaznaczyc, ze ja uwielbiam ich smak. zjedlismy swieze, odwazajac sobie po 15g kazdy.Popilismy mala iloscia soku swiezego. Przepyszne i nie moge powiedziec ze nie lubie tego smaku- pyszne orzeszki.magiczne orzeszki. Ja jak i moj chlopak zaczelismy odczuwac pierwsze dzialanie po okolo 40 minutach. byla
I’m home alone this week, so I decided to do some truffles. I chose these ones because they are strong and looked like good value for money, which they were. :D This was the second time I’d ever had truffles, and the fourth time doing any kind of shroom. I bought 30g of the Atlantis Truffles. I took the first 15g at about 5:30pm, and I ate them with some white chocolate. They didn’t taste that great on their own, but I couldn’t taste them at all with the yummy chocolate. I would have smoked some weed with it, but my guy is away at the moment. I could feel them starting to hit me pretty quickly, after about half an hour. After half an hour I felt a little buzzed, and could slightly
Ok... this is going to be one crazy story that is going to sound so unbelievable that I won't be surprised if you don't believe it... but then again, they always say truth is stranger than fiction!! So now I will begin to tell you of my latest travels and millenium experience with Atlantis Truffles. I received my magic truffles on Tuesday afternoon at 1pm ET USA and immediately opened the bag and crammed them all in my mouth, chewed and swallowed. Then just a couple swallows of water to wash the remains down. Within 10 minutes I started to feel this feeling like a psychedelic boa constrictor was gripping and wrapping itself around my insides and mind, only gripping tighter and tighter
What: Sclerotia Atlantis/ Philosopher's Stones Where: My home How: Eaten raw- nutty and delicious with slight bitter after-taste Who: Me on my own When: 10th Aug 2013 8:15 pm Having tried a light dose (7.5 fresh grams) of Sclerotia Atlantis (philosophers stones) on the 6th of August I felt secure in taking a higher dose of 11.5 grams fresh truffles. I recalled from the previous session that it took about 20 minutes to begin feeling the effects and was anticipating a similar scenario this time. However it took a lot longer, perhaps one hour for the effects to begin to be noticeable. I was beginning to think that my left brain was going to shut out the effects when I began to
A couple days ago I opened my mailbox to find a little white box nestled inside, it is the package I had been anticipating. Without seeming too giddy, I calmly took the box out. And so it is, 30 grams of atlantis truffles . I ran into my house and opened the box to find two vacuum sealed Baggies of fresh magic truffles containing 15 grams each, I cut opened one 15 g package, and enjoying the taste of mushrooms ate the entire contents. I sat down and began to watch television. After about 40mins I felt initial effects of the truffles. I began to feel a pleasing warmth flow through my Body. After one hour I was feeling the full effects and seeing things in a new perspective. I could compare
As a person who enjoys the natural things in life, however weird they may be I’m always traversing the internet for something new to indulge in or simply learn about. I will always choose a smoke over a drink and a good psychedelic experience over a night out on the town! So, with this in mind, just over a week ago I began my usual trawl through the depths of the web, seeking new stories and ideas about entheogens. I had used magic mushrooms and truffles in the past and the humble memory of my experiences led me to wanting a new one. I have used website’s selling such products before, but with little luck. Then I came across Avalon Magic Plants. Immediately the layout and look to the
Truffle trips are different on the base of the people or on the base of the environments. Usually it is difficult to compare the effects because from trip to trip the situation is really different. I think this experiment, by the way, may be useful since the same quantity is applied on the exact same environment and conditions, but on two different subjects.+ Quantity: 30g Atlantis truffles for me (pack B) and 30g Atlantis truffles for my girlfriend (pack A) Environment: SPA hotel 4 stars and underground thermae 14.00 - 15.00: Assumption Me: i took directly the entire package, with lots of water to help the ingestion. I knew that the first effects would take place in around
This is an account of my trip with Atlantis Psilocybin Truffles that I purchased from a smartshop in Amsterdam. It was my first experience with psilocybin. It was suggested at the smartshop that I wait 3-5 hours after eating before I ingested the magic truffles, so after eating dinner (spaghetti carbonara) at 7:00 P.M., I went to my room to chill out and wait. I made a playlist in iTunes of music that I thought would be good to trip to, and watched “Human Traffic”, one of my favorite movies at the time. This was my first experience with any really powerful psychoactives. I had smoked cannabis a fair amount of times and tried DXM with a friend earlier that year. Both had yielded decent
After discovering the powers of psychedelics a few months ago through forums and the insanely brilliant film 'Enter the Void' my friends and I decided to finally go ahead and experience some magic truffles. We ordered 30g of atlantis truffles and they arrived 5 days later (awesome shipping time, cheers guys!) in a nicely packed package, vacuum sealed. We had to wait two days to eat them and I couldn't refrigerate them like told to, for security reasons so I was worried they might lose their potency but it really didn't make a difference to us seeing as it was our first time. The three of us split the 30g into 10g each and went to a friend's house where there were a few other friends (
I'd recently purchased a 10g quantity of Philosopher's Stone Truffles via a site I found at Avalon Magic Plants. Was also super excited because this was going to be a completely different strain I was going to try. I've previously tried Golden Bullets, Muscaria (Red/Yellow). But the trip from these truffles were far beyond anything I'd experienced before. There were two truffles for 10gms. I popped the first one the day I got it. Not much of a trip I'd say. The second one, I popped it the next day as I did not trip much the first time. This time, I'd soaked the shrooms in lemon syrup as I'd read about this making the stomach go easy on the digestion and also very fast. The time was
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