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Philosophers Stones magic Truffles

I'd recently purchased a 10g quantity of Philosopher's Stone Truffles via a site I found at Avalon Magic Plants. Was also super excited because this was going to be a completely different strain I was going to try. I've previously tried Golden Bullets, Muscaria (Red/Yellow). But the trip from these truffles were far beyond anything I'd experienced before.

There were two truffles for 10gms.
I popped the first one the day I got it. Not much of a trip I'd say.

The second one, I popped it the next day as I did not trip much the first time. This time, I'd soaked the shrooms in lemon syrup as I'd read about this making the stomach go easy on the digestion and also very fast. The time was around 7:30pm and I was with my friends at their place. I was the only one who was tripping too. We were all smoking some herb and we'd decided we'd go for a stroll, get some food to eat and all that.
By the time we left their place, I was already starting to feel a very intense body high which I've never experienced before. Reality was just a streak away from where I was and I could feel the distance between me and it. Things started changing all of a sudden. My thoughts, were clear. Clarity, I've never experienced in any shroom I've tried before. But this one was different. The time was 8:15pm when we'd reached the place where we were supposed to eat.
We all placed our order. Meanwhile, the walls which were painted yellow, seemed more brighter than ever, pink menu cards, lot of faces everything got put together and seemed like this: People with Yellow skin and Pink faces eating. Lot of people.

I look at this and then turn when I see something like a strobe on be wall and it goes up and spreads. Then, all I see for a while is Patterns on the wall. My name is Bob. Sorry, din seem to mention it earlier but yeah. So me, Bob, got my food served right in front of me and when I pick up the fork to eat it, I feel so pointless about the food.
The time was now 8:45pm.

I did not want to abandon my friends who were eating so I tripped on the different faces, voices, food etc. that were around me. To me, it was a whole new experience, being I midst of people while tripping on shrooms. By the time we left the place, the time was 9:15pm.information about magic truffles
We walked back home. And i was still seeing patterns in the ground, trees dancing in the wind etc.
Color change was also very prominent.

We reached our home, where, we smoked some more herb and I decided that I must listen to some music.
I started off with, Dark Side Of the Moon - Pink Floyd. Among all the songs, the great gig in the sky actually felt like there was a gig happening in the sky! The moon was moving around in the sky according to the tune. This went on and at the end of this album, the fun part of the trip was over. It was all down to confusion now. The time was around 11:15pm.
I knew that there was only one way to overcome this confusion and it is only by accepting what I face. Keeping this is mind, I started to listen to Telfon Tel Aviv's Map of What is Effortless and Fahrenheit Fair Enough and look into te sky.
It was a life time when all the songs from the first album got over. I was in a voyage which I never wanted to end.

But every good thing has to come to an end and so, it did.
Around some 1:15am-1:30 am I started pulling myself back together from the trip. Was still tripping minorly. Smoked some herb, and peace out for a while.
I was normal again by 2:30 am as a whole.
A whole new and intense experience has made me trust Avalon Magic Plants very much.
And now, I'm clear that I can get through my problems if there are any by facing them and trying to eliminate them.
Dream is Destiny.

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