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Take it privately, in a place where you are safe in.

This is an account of my trip with Atlantis Psilocybin Truffles that I purchased from a smartshop in Amsterdam. It was my first experience with psilocybin.
It was suggested at the smartshop that I wait 3-5 hours after eating before I ingested the magic truffles, so after eating dinner (spaghetti carbonara) at 7:00 P.M., I went to my room to chill out and wait. I made a playlist in iTunes of music that I thought would be good to trip to, and watched “Human Traffic”, one of my favorite movies at the time.

This was my first experience with any really powerful psychoactives. I had smoked cannabis a fair amount of times and tried DXM with a friend earlier that year. Both had yielded decent results, but I had a feeling these magic truffles would be in a whole different ballpark.

At 12:00 A.M., I took out the box of truffles that I had placed far in the back of my desk drawer, and lay down on my mattress. I had taken my mattress off of the bed and placed it on the floor, putting my speakers on either side of the mattress while playing the iTunes playlist I made. I drew the curtains and dimmed the lights.

I began to chew the magic truffles. I was expecting them to be much tougher to stomach than they actually were. I started eating them one by one, but soon realized that this was inefficient and ate in larger helpings. 5 minutes later, I had finished the box.
I had my watch on, and was expecting the effects to start about 15 minutes after ingestion, according to what I had read on the Internet. To be honest, I was slightly impatient, after already having waited 5 or more hours, barely able to contain my excitement.

I was lying on my mattress with the lights dimmed and the speakers on either side of my head, as I already mentioned. The mattress was placed on my decorative rug, which my parents had purchased at a Native-American powwow many years back. It had colorful designs and depictions on it. I had a glass of water, an apple, and a banana to the side, in case I got hungry.
T: 0:00 – lying on my mattress in intense anticipation, listening to music. The time was a little past midnight.
T: 0:20 – I started to notice the dimmed lightbulb above me was not sitting in its place anymore. It was moving around the ceiling, oddly like a swirling UFO. I began to laugh uncontrollably, partly perhaps because of the beginnings of the euphoric effects of psilocybin, but probably mainly because of my sheer excitement at the fact that I was “tripping”.
T: 0:30 – Things were starting to distort more noticeably now. The music flanged every once in a while, as if it was being run through a filter. I noticed a pleasant buzzing throughout my body, centered in my head. It felt similar to that of a medium cannabis buzz.
T: 0:45 – It seemed to be ramping up quickly to the peak of my trip. There were no closed-eyed visuals as of yet, but reality was very distorted. I had felt a peculiar “pop” sensation in my head which was instantly followed by a rush of euphoria and a big buzz. My hands had a shimmer about them, as if they were translucent. It felt very similar to being in a dream, as if reality was still present but was not very relevant, somewhere far off in the distance. My sense of touch was unusual. It felt dulled, but not in an unpleasant way. My entire body had taken on a discernibly pleasant heaviness.
T: 1 hour – The time may or may not be accurate from here on out, as my memory of certain blocks of the trip is shoddy at best. The closed-eyed visuals began, and I drifted in and out of consciousness. I would close my eyes for periods of time, and then open them for periods of time. This was not a conscious decision – rather, I would close and open my eyes when it seemed logical to. When my eyes were closed, I was less conscious of myself. The hallucinations were fairly powerful, and very pattern-y. Everything seemed to work in patterns. My thoughts themselves revolved in fascinating patterns. There were shapes and colors that faded in and out of each other, with various dream-states and situations taking place at the same time in my mind.
T: 2 hours – Not much had changed from the 1 hour mark. I had become more acquainted with my new state of mind under the influence of psilocybin, and it was fascinating. Closed eyed visuals were intensely colorful, and were accompanied by a feeling of realization of myself, as if I was exploring my brain for the first time.

During the times when my eyes were open, and I walked around my room, or went upstairs to the bathroom, the world was exciting and more than a little scary at times. Most everything was recognizable and identifiable, but was twisted, distorted, and assigned different meanings and color schemes in my mind (the colors were not completely inaccurate, but my mind interpreted them differently).

My Native-American carpet came alive. This was one of the highlights of the trip. The colors and characters were constantly changing from dragons to tornados to faces of people I knew. They would move and interact as I moved my eyes across the carpet.
The taste of the apple and banana that I consumed was another wonder. I would roll my tongue over the juices of the apple as they rolled down my tongue, in awe of the textures and tastes that my psilocybin-enhanced brain interpreted as it was sent signals by my mouth and tongue.
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T: 3 hours – still very much in the trip. My memory of exactly what happened during the peak is not superb – I only remember bits and pieces. That is why I think the trip is so comparable to a dream. The actual experience itself is very dream-like, and one only remembers bits and pieces afterwards.
T: 3 ½ hours – The first signs of my comedown. I came down more quickly than I expected, having read that you don’t come down from psilocybes for about 5 hours. However, my comedown was very long and lasted into the next day, so the entirety of the trip itself was very long. The first signs of the comedown was the lessening of the closed-eye portions of the trip, and the intensity of the hallucinations during open-eyed portions decreasing.
T: 4 hours – Very close to baseline. I am fully coherent, and there are still slight distortions in my perception (the subtle twisting and turning of various objects in my vision, and a feeling of lightness). The hallucinatory aspects at this point are similar to the very beginning of the trip. However, I am left with a warm afterglow and an amazing sense of self-awareness that I did not have during the beginning of the trip.

I got up and walked around. I felt very introspective, and started talking to myself. I found myself desperately wishing that I had taken psilocybin with a friend, someone to share this feeling with. It was if I was reaching out, looking for a connection with someone, and my reach did not find anyone. In the future, I hope to be able to take it with a friend, as I imagine the entire experience is much more fun when you do it with someone else.

T: 5 hours – the feeling of contentedness lasts (it continued to be noticeable through the next few days). All hallucinations are gone. I became very hungry, and went upstairs to eat some leftover Pad Thai in the fridge. I watched some episodes of The Simpsons in my room, but not before writing down notes to myself on my computer about various personal things that I had come to terms with during the trip.

There was no hangover, only a feeling of happiness and positivity that lasted through the next days. All in all, I am very pleased with psilocybin and found it to be an amazing substance. I think that the 15 grams of truffles that I ate is a relatively low dose, so I do not know what a much larger dose is like.

For potential first-time users, I would highly recommend psilocybin, but only in certain situations. Take it privately or with close friends, in a place where you are safe in. There is a period of time during the peak where you are almost completely inebriated (at least at the dosage I used), so don’t plan to try to do anything substantial while under the influence (I was lying on my mattress with my mouth open and drool dripping out of it for a while…I was aware of the drool and probably could have shut my mouth, but I was too interested in what was going on inside my head to do anything about it).

If you can, try it with a friend who is also interested in it rather than by yourself…I find that drugs are always better with friends.

Prepare for it! Be in a good mindset going into it. Be excited, it’s an amazing experience! Play music and set up an enjoyable environment. The environment that you create for yourself becomes your playground while on psilocybin. The better the visual and aural stimulation in the room, the more interesting your trip will be.

Good luck!

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