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I cannot emphasize how vivid the visuals were

This Trip story is for the "30 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles". There were three of us taking them, myself B, N and L. We also had another friend with us who wanted to watch the trip, A. We split the 30 grams 3 ways (10g each). We ate the truffles in a local shopping center on the way to A’s house. While eating the truffles we all noticed a weird after taste that stayed in our mouths, it was an almost sour taste. The taste wasn't disgusting or off putting it was just a bit annoying. I was quoted with the phrase "In all fairness I'd eat magic dog shit if it made me trip out". Straight away after consuming the truffles we began walking through town. After about 30mins I began feeling a tingling in my knees, I get the same feeling when coming up on mdma, which confused me a little. Soon after I began to feel "a force" in my hands. where ever I pointed the palms of my hands, my hands would push away. ie when I pointed the palm of my hands at the ground my hands would then begin to lift up and visa versa. I don’t actually remember how we made it to A’s house but when we arrived we went to his bedroom, we all picked corners and then sat in them in the fetal position. A took out some speakers and began playing music. For the next while we all sat around questioning what was happening, thinking we were tripping but in retrospect I know it hadn't begun. Another friend T arrived and was informed of what was happening. He lay down in the bed and stayed quite. (I had recently finished working in a supermarket, where my main duty was stacking the dairy products) I kept seeing flashes of the milk section of the supermarket, but I though it was just my mind playing atlantis truffles

The next few minutes are a blur. I started seeing weird colors and this is when things got real. I tried to explain to T what I was seeing so he could tell me later and this is what I said "you know in movies when someone takes a drug, and it goes first person and you see all those weird purple swirls and you sit there thinking "there is no way that is what it actually looks like"...well that is exactly how it looks" That is the only way I can describe the colours. The next visuals were amazing! A’s bed had a weird pattern across the sheets and I just sat in the corner staring deeply into the pattern, when all of a sudden the bed began breathing ACTUALLY moving in and out taking breaths. It was INCREDIBLE!! It looked so real I believed it was happening! I cannot emphasize how vivid the visuals were!

It was after this I started paying attention to myself. I had the strangest sensation in my hands, it felt as if thousands of liters of water were gushing from my hands and I shouted out "I'm leaking!!" everyone laughed. I then started questioning why I felt this way. The obvious answer was that my hands were sweaty but I convinced myself it was my brains way of telling me that I needed to go to the toilet. I got up to leave the room and use the toilet. Standing up was easy but when I stood up I felt drunk, my balance was completely off and I craved to be back in my corner. The walk to the toilet was a journey, as I walked along the corridor the corridor grew longer and longer and then I suddenly hit the wall at the end. I then stumbled into the toilet locking the door behind me. The bathroom walls had pink tiles on the wall each one about half a foot tall and square. I stood as I pee'd. The tiles on the wall began shooting into the wall like they were a conveyer belt. It felt as if I was driving backwards through a tunnel. I stood here for a while enjoying the tiles moving. When I remembered why I was there I pulled up my pants from my ankles and washed my hands. While washing my hands I caught eye contact with myself in the mirror and became hypnotized by myself, I kept leaning closer and closer to my reflection until my head was pressed against the mirror. I realized how stupid this must seem and snapped out of it and began the walk back to the room. During this walk I was comparing how I felt when my trousers where on the floor to how I felt now and I was confused. "Why do we wear clothes? It’s so unnatural. If I ask the others do you think they will let me sit naked in the corner?" when I got back to the room I explained how I felt. Nathanael and Leon both knew how I felt and agreed straight away, but the others disagreed and pleaded with us to keep our clothes on so we were left with no choice but to sit in our clothes.
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Some time passed and A asked "anyone want a spliff?" everyone else immediately said yes I wasn't really in the mood for a spliff. The group somehow decided a walk was needed. We left the house and began walking through town. L, N and I all hated each step we took. They passed a spliff while we walked and then A and T decided to leave us. Fortunately they left us on a friends door step. This friend had taken shrooms a few times before and couldn't wait to see us. When we got inside her apartment we all instantly found corners. She then gave us all rollies (cigarettes). She tried handing it to me but my arms wouldn't function the way I wanted them to, so she just put it in my mouth and lit it. I then gave another of my famous philosophical quotes "'s like breathing..but shit". At this stage we were all coming down and during this stage we all started interrogating her about her apartment "why is that picture over there and not there?" "why did you put the table in the corner?" During this stage we all felt a little uncomfortable and decided to go our separate ways. We thanked her for having us and all left for home. The journey home was long and cold, but when I made it home I had left the heating on and it felt like I had walked into fresh warm blankets. I crawled up the stairs, fell into my bed and fell asleep instantly.

I remember the next morning thinking my dreams had been very strange, but I completely forgot to write them down.

My description of what happened really doesn't live up to the actual thing itself, but I came to the verdict that you don't take truffles like you smoke cannabis. When you smoke cannabis, you smoke to get stoned whereas when you take truffles you don't take them to just trip out, it is a self journey in your mind. I highly recommend that if you’re doing them with friends you should only be around people who are also taking them, so you don’t have to worry about acting weird. Also Music definitely effects your trip.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip!

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